Running porn reviewed: 3 ingredients for a good running book.

Running porn reviewed: 3 ingredients for a good running book.

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Nothing is better than getting your running shoes on and getting out for a run. But even with the increasing trend towards ultra-distance running and the mantra that we are ‘Born to Run’ not even top ultra-athletes run 24 hours a day (not every day anyway). So what are we mere mortals (and ultra-athletes on non-race-days) to do in those quieter moments in our lives when we are not working, caring for family, sleeping or running? Read about running of course!

Following the success of Christopher McDougall’s fantastically entertaining book ‘Born to Run’ there has been an explosion of running books. The shift to self-publishing and e-books has further fuelled this explosion in the last few years. Now anyone who has put on a pair of running shoes can write a book about their experience. A search for ‘running books’ on Amazon will give you over 4000 hits and even something more niche like the ‘Marathon des Sables’ has been the subject of at least 6 books recently. Continue reading