Could ice cream be your go to running nutrition this summer?

With the proliferation of running gels, energy drinks and isotonic performance enhancing super foods available to the modern runner you could be forgiven for thinking that you would be foolhardy to even attempt to run without one of these performance enhancing products in your hand. A cursory glance at any running magazine will confirm your fears, your current nutritional regime is inadequate. But could the answer be staring you in the face this summer? Not in specialist running shops, or even your local health food store, but in another less obvious locale? I am referring (of course?) to those majestic music playing purveyors of summer nutrition and national institution; the ice cream van. These overlooked sports nutrition stations can be found in many of your favourite running spots. Often conveniently located near car parks, amenities and some of the most picturesque running trails you will run this summer.

So what can these unconventional sports nutrition stations offer the modern runner and how do they measure up to their more conventional sports nutrition competitors with their shiny wrappers and seductive performance enhancing claims? Continue reading